The New Zealand Graphics & Technology Teachers Association

Why Join NZGTTA?

NZGTTA is a progressive and forward thinking subject association and PLD provider through the Networks of Expertise. We have in our ranks very talented, creative and innovative thinkers who are future focused and also know and understand what is important. We have been serving Technology and Graphics (DVC) teachers for over 41 years and have multiple regional associations peppered around the country that allow us to do this job.

Primarily we are here to support, represent and inform the sector, and with all the changes, initiatives and developments happening in the education sector at the moment, it has never been more important to be part of a subject association, especially as we move forward with our PLD plan and support for teachers by teachers. It is in this area where we have been applauded for the work we have done and are doing with the support and dedication of the executive, regional representatives and subject specialists who give so willingly of their time to support others.

In the last few years NZGTTA has supported and represented the sector in the following ways:

Student sewing
Student working with a lathe
Student designing a project
  • Our Technology Teacher Shortage Workgroup, led by Kevin Meyer, has been working with the Ministry of Education, Teachers Council, PPTA, Industry Training Federation and some Initial Teacher Education providers which has led to trade based/qualified people gaining feasible access to becoming educators and addressing the huge shortage in the Technology Learning Area, as well as making it an attractive sustainable option.

  • We are represented in reference and subject expert groups facilitated by the Ministry of Education as they progress with the NCEA Review Assessment Standards and Curriculum Refresh, to encourage that any changes made are for the benefit of our students and teachers and reduce workload issues. We do this by first going to our sector for their thoughts and ideas.

  • We have the DVC Teaching & Learning Guidelines written by Ron van Musscher and Motu Samaeli to support our DVC teachers and other subject associations are looking at this Ministry endorsed document as an exemplar for the development of their own Teaching, Learning & Assessment Guidelines. Motu is currently contracted to refine the aesthetic presentation of this living document.

  • Covid did severely slow our progress in terms of face to face PLD around the country over the last couple of years but that said, our Forum came to the fore as a medium for support of the sector, we had a hugely successful Conference in Wellington in July 2021 and have supported many Accord days across the regions as we prepare for the implementation of the new Standards for NCEA.

  • We have a long term partnership with BCITOwhich is proving hugely mutually beneficial to both parties and our teaching sector as we move into this future where earning while you’re learning is gaining momentum in order to address the skills shortage.

  • We have the aforementioned DVCCMT Google Forum with over 760 active members, all of whom are more than willing to answer questions, share ideas and keep others informed of current issues, initiatives and events for our sector with non-judgemental support.

  • We have open dialogue with NZQA, MoE, PPTA and many other agencies and connections to make sure we can give the sector the most informed and up to date information.

  • We offer free membership to trainee teachers as they are our future.

  • Our financial membership is low and gives you access to our networks of experts, communications and PLD, not to mention some free catering from time to time. It also allows us as a National body to access great funding to support teachers as membership numbers and reach is an indicator for the amount of funding a Network of Expertise can access. We use membership monies to keep the association ticking over and to provide representation in very important forums so that we can utilize the NEX funding as efficiently as possible to provide support for teachers by teachers.

  • Looking forward we will play a very important role delivering PLD to support the implementation of the new Standards. We will potentially extend our contract as a Network of Expertise to deliver PLD and will find out soon if this initiative is being continued. We hope the work we have and will be doing as a NEX will justify a continuation of this funding and type of support.

Come join the association along with encouraging your peers and take advantage of all we can offer but also give back because everyone has something they can offer. We look after our people who take on the challenge of facilitating PLD or do event planning and management in their region.

We have something for everyone whether you teach with a wood bias, metal bias, textiles bias, multi materials, electronics, product or spatial design, DVC, Achievement Standards or Industry based Unit standards.

We are also very big on developing leadership capacity in our ranks for both subject specialists/experts as well as project managers and with the higher ranking opportunities come support remuneration and professional development.

If you want to know more about becoming a member and the opportunities within that, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the following email address: mfleming@karamu.school.nz

Kind regards,
Micheal Fleming
President NZGTTA
October 2022