1 thought on “Solid Works Education package for NZGTTA member schools.”

  1. Hi everyone,
    I am looking to find out how other DVC teachers have found the first round of external marking for the new level 2 standards.
    Apart from have some general marking mistakes with my class such as, unstamped sheets in three submissions, missing sheets in one submission, and different results shown on the website to the marking sheet, I have found the grades that my students were awarded very difficult to decifer.
    I used the NZQA exemplars as a guide for ensuring students were producing appropriate work yet the results that they gained did not reflect the quality of their work in terms of using the exemplars as a guide.
    As there is no real feedback given to teachers on how the marking judgements were made I am feeling apprehensive about teaching this years group without having some more definite guidance.
    If anyone else has had marking issues or feels that the exemplar material is not satisfactory please let us know.

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